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This is the official site of author (or want-to-be author) J. G. McGrath, the Wordy Beast. Feel free to read the blog full of his crazed thoughts, as well as the ongoing stories he will be posting here. All are free, all are… interesting…


So close, so far

NaNoWriMo is not over yet, but we’re getting real close. I’ve got less than 10k words left to get to the final goal of 50k. After so much writing that doesn’t seem like anything! At the same time… it feels like so much. That’s right, every author’s best friend, burn out, has reared its ugly … Continue reading So close, so far

Getting Out There

I don’t know if this website shows just how bad it is, but I’m an introverted person. That is not a personality type you would expect to see from someone who runs a website, but it might be the exact kind you expect from the person running this website. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t say … Continue reading Getting Out There

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